The Choir


Music forms an integral part of Armenian culture. The students of Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy undergo a formal training in music within the school curriculum, starting from the lower classes, going right up to the senior classes. It is mandatory for all the students to learn not only how to perform vocal music but also to know the rudiments and theory of music including the notation. Strenuous practice sessions are carried out twice every week under the able guidance of the music teacher, Mr. Sevil Arakelyan. The school choir, usually sing in four part or three part harmony. The choir is divided into four and sometimes three voices, namely, soprano, alto, tenor and bass.

Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy Choir,Kolkata,India
Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy Choir

Apart from their regular singing of the Divine Liturgy in church every Sunday as well as on other religious festivals, the choir also performs regularly in the school programmes, throughout the year. They have also participated in competitions outside the school in other prestigious institutions and have won accolades. The members of the school choir range from students studying in class 4 up to class 10. However, former students of the school, who have graduated from the school and are now pursuing their studies in classes 11 and 12 in different schools but reside in the Armenian College, are also members of the choir. The repertoire of the choir is varied. It includes Christmas carols, English popular melodies, Armenian popular and folk melodies, compositions of great Armenian composers like Makar Yekmalyan and Komitas, and also of Baroque oratorio composer George Frederick Handel and Classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. They have even sung excerpts from the celebrated Hallelujah Chorus of Handel. A part of their repertoire includes songs composed by Mr Sevil Arakelyan, their conductor and teacher. The choir has performed in Armenian, Latin, German, Urdu and English.

Some milestone of the choir’s performances:
a) In the presence of His Holiness Karekin II Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of all Armenians during His pontifical visit to the school in 2005, 2008 and in 2014.
b) In the presence of the Armenian Ambassador to India
c) In the presence of the Indian Ambassador to Armenia
d) in La Martiniere for Girls
e) in St. John’s Church.

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