Annual Report Card Meeting March 26, 2018

The Annual Report Card Meeting was held on Monday, March 26, 2018 at 12 noon in the conference room. The meeting was presided over by Very Rev Father Movses Sargsyan, Manager of the Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy. The Assistant Managers, the Principal and the entire teaching faculty were present at the meeting.

The Progress and Applications of each student were discussed in great details and academic suggestions and steps were invited from the teachers to ameliorate any observed difficulty in learning.

A lot of emphasis was laid on promoting regular reading habits of students. Teachers were encouraged to learn how to effectively use cutting edge technology in the classroom.

In addition to the details of class promotions of students, all teachers were asked to make classes interesting for the students by maintaining positive attitude towards teaching, focusing more on forming questioning minds than silent repositories of knowledge. Teachers were asked to maintain punctuality and regularity in teaching and to upgrade themselves constantly. Wholehearted dedication and professional attitude to work was agreed upon to be the essential hallmark of an excellent teacher.

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