Arthur Marusevich – ACPA 1999-2011

Arthur Marusevich

The Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy (ACPA) is proud to announce that one of its ex-students, Arthur Marusevich, has recently become a legal practitioner in Australia.

Arthur came to India in 1999. He was nine years old and could not speak a word of English. But with much hard work and help from his teachers, Arthur transcended to complete his secondary education in only six years. Thereafter, under the sponsorship of the Armenian Church, Arthur pursued his higher education in Kolkata until he immigrated to Australia in 2011 in pursuit of a dream.

In 2013, Arthur was admitted to study law at the Australian National University. To afford the tuition fees, he ran a restaurant by day and studied by night.

Arthur’s perseverance has recently paid off.  Having graduated with a Juris Doctor degree, he is now an admitted legal practitioner in Australia. Arthur has since started writing a book about his riveting journey.

During its 196 years of existence, the ACPA has provided the finest education to thousands of Armenian children from Iran, Iraq, India, and Armenia.

The ACPA congratulates Arthur and wishes him all the best in his future endeavours.

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