Basketball Tournament- ACPA

Basketball Tournament

With the Blessings of Very Rev. Fr. Movses Sargsyan, the Armenian College & Philanthropic Academy organized a basketball tournament for the Davidian Girls School on April 29, 2017. No event of this kind had been organized for the Armenian Girls for a long time.

The Tournament started at 8:30 in the morning. There were a total of 8 schools participating in the event namely Davidian Girls School, Frank Anthony, Loreto House, M.P. Birla, Lee Memorial, B.S.S, Jewish Girls’ School and St. John Diocesan.

In the beginning, the Quarterfinals were played between Frank Anthony & M.P. Birla, Loreto House & Lee Memorial, B.S.S & Jewish Girls’ School and St. John Diocesan & D.G.S. This was followed by lunch which everyone enjoyed. There was an hour-long break due to the heat after which the Semi-finals were played between D.G.S & B.S.S and Loreto House & Frank Anthony. The victorious teams to qualify for the Finals were Loreto House and Davidian Girls School. There was a lot of enthusiasm for the upcoming Final match which was scheduled at 5:30 in the evening. After a tough match for the Davidian Girls School, Loreto House emerged victorious. The Final Score was 30: 13 (Loreto House: Davidian Girls School).

Mr. Soumitra Mullick, the Principal of Armenian College &Philanthropic Academy gave away the “Champions Prize” to Loreto House. The Davidian Girls School emerged as the First Runners-Up. Mr Armen Makarian gave away the “Most Promising Team Prize” to B.S.S while Deacon Varazdat and Father Artsrun gave away the medals of participation and certificates to all the teams present.

It was a wonderful day as everyone enjoyed themselves. Without the efforts of Mr Soumitra Mullick, Ms Pallabi Kundu and Mr Armen Makarian, nothing could have been possible. We also like to thank Ms Rumi Dey, Mrs Cheryl D’ Rozario and Vardan Adiyan for their efforts for the announcements and the wonderful music. A special thanks to Vedi Haroutunyan for the splendid lunch. It would not be nice to forget the Prefects and House Captains for their sincere effort at helping whenever possible.

The Armenian College & Philanthropic Academy is looking forward to organize more inter-school events for the students in the coming months. However we believe that things are possible with the combined Blessing of Father Movses Sargsyan and the undertakings of the Management.

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  1. Kudos to Mr. Armen for organising such a wonderful tournament. Keep it up and I am always available for social and sporting activities.

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