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Harmonia 2017, the Annual Inter – house Music Competition of Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy was held on August 4, 2017 at 2.30 pm in the school’s auditorium. The year 2014 witnessed the first competition of this kind, and this year marks the fourth such endeavor by the institution to keep alive its search for and nurturing of the latent talents in the pupils.

The programme began with a prayer by Deacon Spartak Israyelyan. The competition was divided into two categories: songs sung in English and Armenian respectively, by two participants from each house.

The performers reached out to the lively audience comprising their friends and teachers, taking care not only to strike the right notes but also to articulate every feeling and thought that each song evoked. They sang of hope amidst bereavement, of the valour of martyrs, of dreams to be fulfilled and of reminiscences of their homeland. Be it the delights of school life or the pangs of homesickness – in mourning, in missing, in appealing – their melodious voices captured myriad emotions and inundated many a parched heart and ear. Indeed, music transcended the barriers of language, reinforcing the harmony that was already there, binding two cultures and many hearts irrevocably!

While the judges Mr Arindrajit Saha, Ms Greta Andreasyan and tabulators Mr Pabitra Sen and Mrs Sharmistha C Bhowmick spent a visibly tough time trying to decide the winners from each category, the audience tuned in to an enjoyable performance by the students of Preparatory 3, conducted by Mr. Sevil Arakelyan.

Sevak Azarian Namagardi of Tigran House was adjudged the best performer in the English song category. Sargis Sargsyan from the Hayk House was the winner in the Armenian song category.

As the ethereal firmament of the auditorium reverberated with the huge round of applause, each heart, in perfect concord, echoed the desire for an encore next year and in the years to follow…


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