IBIZA Resort – Kolkata

The management of Armenian College organized a fun trip to Ibiza Resort for all the students and some teachers on May 24, 2018.
Ibiza is one of the biggest resorts in Eastern India. Ibiza The Fern Resort & Spa offers 110 rooms in five different categories. The duplex Winter Green Premium rooms are spread over 1100 square feet and provide unmatched luxuries with a breath-taking view of the nirvana gardens. The property has one of the largest banqueting facilities both indoors as well as outdoors.
Dining options include a multi-cuisine restaurant. The elegant Mediterranean décor restaurant serves Indian, Continental, and Chinese cuisines. The hotel provides a plethora of indoor activities, games, a splendid swimming pool and outdoor activities like no other.
The students had a wonderful breakfast after reaching the resort and in no time they were engaged in enjoying themselves in the pool. They also played basketball, badminton, volleyball, and rugby as the resort had the facility to accommodate all these sports. Some other students engaged themselves in the boat-riding and the senior students performed some dangerous stunts namely the Commando Walk and the Bridge Crossing Challenge.
After the games and all the enjoyment, the students went for a delicious lunch. After resting for some time, the students took the dance floor for about an hour until they all left again to play their games outside. The day ended with a tea break and a final round of dance under Armenian and English songs.


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