Lexical Latitudes

Spellathon 2017

Spellathon 2017 was held in the School Auditorium on August 11, 2017 at 2.30 pm. The spelling competition continued for about an hour. Four members from each house – Hayk, Tigran, Trdat and Levon vied with each other for four rounds of lexicographical challenge.

The opening round was a direct one where every house member was asked separately to spell a word correctly. This was followed by three Visual rounds. In the first such round, each house member was asked to unscramble a word, taking help from the clues given below it. The following round comprised sentences with missing words to be filled in by using the appropriate homophones – it was a true test of their eidetic skills. Next, the participants racked their brains to spot the right word from a quartet of one correct and three misspelt words. The competition was a true test of not only the vocabulary of the participants but also their presence of mind. Those who had a way with words were duly rewarded.

The marathon spelling session came to a momentous end with the audience pondering over the exciting play of words. A tie-breaker among five of the best spellers drew the contest to a nail-biting finish, with Sevak Azarian Namagardi emerging as the Best Speller of the year. The Hayk House and the Levon House emerged as joint winners.

The spell that had been cast over the auditorium was only broken by words of praises that were spelt out in earnest. The glossary, revived and gained, would indeed expand the students’ lexical latitudes!


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