Medrik Minassian and Armen Makarian – Ex-Student ACPA

Medrik Minassian, Armen Makarian

The Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy and the Indian Armenian community is delighted to announce that two renowned former students Mr Armen Makarian and Medrik Minassian have successfully completed their Viva Voce for the award of the Pre-doctorate degree of Ph.M. in Political Science from Madras Christian College, Chennai India.

Armen and Medrik studied together at ACPA from the year 2003 and graduated from La Martiniere high school, Kolkata. They went on to study at prestigious Madras Christian College one of the oldest institutions of higher studies in South Asia. They successfully graduated from Madras Christian College with the first rank in Master of Political Science, with their degrees awarded from the University of Madras.

Armen and Medrik have been avid sportsmen and have played rugby professionally at both National and International arenas.

Their perseverance in achieving higher goals encourages our younger generation to look for higher achievements too. Both of them serve as exemplary alumni and we wish them the best of luck for their careers and future goals.

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