It was our pleasure to celebrate the inauguration of Tigran Matthews Gregory’s Statue, on March 16, 2017 during the Morning assembly, at school auditorium.

Mr. Tigran Matthews Gregory was born on 9th November 1879. He was admitted in Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy, where he received his secondary education.

In 1899, Mr. Tigran with five other students, from Armenian College embarked on a ship with Sir Catchick Paul Chater, a very rich, famous and deeply respected banker in Hong Kong, to sail towards a new land of opportunity.

Mr. Tigran took up the job offered by Paul Chater in the Post Office of Hong Kong. He was earning $40 per month with a $4 sorting allowances. He didn’t stay long in the Post Office. He seized the opportunity that came his way. Soon he started his own company, T.M. Gregory & Co. of which he was sole proprietor.  He gradually carved out a career and social life for himself in Hong Kong.

Mr. Tigran was also a well-connected and established diamond merchant in Hong Kong, during his life time. He generously donated to the Armenian Church in Kolkata upon his death.

Mr. Tigran died on 16th March 1962 in Hong Kong, when he was 81 years old. He is buried in the Happy Valley cemetery in Hong Kong

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